Thursday, August 14, 2008

For the Kiddies

I have this distinct image of my childhood, which consisted of 4 television channels, and my dad locking me outside when I had watched too much of that. It sounds like child cruelty, but thank goodness for him. Oh, and the only toys I can remember were dirt and rocks. Oh, there were rocks.

So here's some recent work.

Frame 3 of my Teatrio competition illustration. We had to illustrate around the theme of the outdoors. This the moment of discovery of the greatest toy ever.

Frame 4 of the Teatrio competition illustration. Sticks afford glorious imaginary ships.
All of these are digital.

A little bit older, made in 3D Design in the Fall of 2007. Titled "Vidiot." Yup. Brain's no good when the only thing keeping it alive is the light from the television. Sculpey.

Another recent piece. We had to experiment with digital collage. This dude enjoys his morning commute.

And say no to crack, kids. Digital collage.

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Whitney Clayton said...

I'm sooooo happy you have this blog!! you're stuff is awesome! I love its raw goofyness.