Thursday, August 14, 2008

Some Work by the Dude, Herself

Wal-Mart Ogre
Destroying the environment, messin with the Mom and Pop stores, and devouring Chinese -factory workers -Food
Watercolor and Ink, Cracking Varnish

The American News Hour
Lindsay's drinking problem can always be enjoyed after a little real news, yes?
Marker and pencil

First in Flight
Mixed media

Multi-Generational Pregnancy
Ah, the power of science for the 40+, and the even mightier teenage libido.
Ink and digital

The Disappearing Middle Class
I like it better with the middle, too.

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Kyle said...

The piece with the giant is sick... your style reminds me of my own in some ways. But someone you would really enjoy is andrew pommier if you haven't heard of him. His site is currently not working but its ...i dunno maybe search for his stuff on google or somethin..