Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Real Life Giants

The trouble of being great. A series of pastel collages. Come to the Roomy Platter Exhibition Friday, October 2 at 7 pm! A feature of works by Annelise Capossela, Anna Chandler, Andrew Creswell, Nate Marsh and Katie Stoltze at the B Matthews Gallery.


Anonymous said...


aw lisie.. you are SO great :)

beeeijo popozuda.
i bet you dont know who wrote this... hmm hmm

Dave Hargrove said...

hey thats awesome, are you working in a little bit of 3D these days? - dave

Annelise Capossela said...

yes i have been, dave. -annelise

Alvy said...

i really enjoy this. my favorite is the picture number two. really comes out to you. great job anne.